Monday, April 17, 2006

Saint Micheal Pearl...

I have found two really pertinant points about the Pearls.

Basically Micheal Pearl is Claiming to be living a completely Sinless life & claims to have enabled others to do the same.

So we are now asked to believe he is a living saint ? some Claim!
The person who pointed out these two very serious errors attemted to contact Micheal on a numbver of accasions but was asked to buy a few tapes to clarify the point. Hmmmm Its Big Business this stuff !

Firstly Micheals Claim to be Sinless, a real living saint
“WE SHOULD AND CAN SIN NO MORE! ... I have been preaching AND LIVING this gospel of sanctification for many years. It is not a theory. It is practical, Scriptural reality” (“Living Parallel Lives in the Same Space” No Greater Joy, Jan.-Feb. 2005, p. 21).

And Now his claim to have enabled others to be sinless.....
“I preach it in the prisons, and it works on men who have lived lives of total addiction and enslavement. They come unto me all the time, bubbling over with joy, and TELL ME THAT THEY ARE NOW FREE FROM ALL SIN. ... walking in complete victory over sin and self” (“Living Parallel Lives in the Same Space” No Greater Joy, Jan.-Feb. 2005, p. 21).

NGJ actually run workshops on how to be sinless ! of course if you have beaten your child into complete submission or have been beaten into complete submission you are that much closer to being one of Saint Miceals Followers.
You will only become sinless if you attend the workshop and buy the materials, so have lots of money ready.